BrightStar LifeCare

Brightstar ,  BrightStar LifeCare, BrightStar franchise, Kip Garwood0TullBrightStar franchise system is the most robust and best senior care franchise / home healthcare franchise because of our dedication to providing our franchisees the best training, ongoing support and tools for them to grow their franchise businesses. The depth and scope of the BrightStar franchise system is unparalleled to any other senior care franchise giving our franchisees the best opportunity to grow without limiting them to just senior companion care.
A BrightStar LifeCare franchise is a proven system, taking the risk out of owning a business. Sharing best practices with other home care franchisees and dedication to improving the system helps franchisees grow their business long past the start-up phase. BrightStar has been operating since 2002 and has a business model that can be replicated throughout the U.S.. No medical experience or industry background is required. There are also tools that simplify the business. Managing a senior care business / home care business requires the right tools. BrightStar has developed a fully-integrated, proprietary business software designed specifically for the BrightStar home care franchise model. We want our franchise owners focusing on growing their business, not paper work. In addition, our technology platform gives you a distinct Competitive Advantage!

BrightStar LifeCare offers:

  • Financial Performance Statement
  • $100,000 Cash Investment
  • Proven System that works
  • Rapid Growth Market
  • Multiple Revenue Streams

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