Are you … Doing What You Love? OR Are You Just Doing What You Do?

Are you doing what you love? Do you wake up every morning feeling enthusiastic and positive about your day? Do you anticipate how the day will unfold and what your plans are?
If not, you should consider making some changes in your life: a change of career, a new job, perhaps even owning your own business and making a living at what inspires you… it’s all up to you.
Now is the time to start exploring different opportunities, creating a positive change in your life.


Story #1:

A dinner guest recently told me that he is being ‘forced’ to retire. Yet, this man is still vibrant, with an abundant amount of business and life skills. Is it time for him to become a couch potato? No Way! He is starting to look with me at options of starting his own business through franchising.


Story #2:

A woman with a career worth of skills was still getting beat down with what she felt was an unappreciative boss. So, she decided it was time to take charge of her life based on her own skills and desires. She started a franchise over a year ago and continues to say it was the best thing she has ever done. She had the support of a team to get her business up and running, support when she needs the help, but the success is determined by her drive.

The franchise industry is always evolving: with new concepts, new companies and new business models constantly emerging, it is never boring and always engaging.
Is it worth 20 minutes of YOUR time to see if NOW is the right time to transition? Either give me a call (248.5692539) or fill out this form.

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