Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring

Above Grade Level Offers:

  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • Low Overhead
  • Plenty of Open Markets & Territories
  • Financial Performance Statement
  • High Margins


Above Grade Level, Kip Garwood-Tull, TC Franchise Specialist

Above Grade Level offers a unique approach in the education market for children K-12. Above Grade Level is an in-home tutoring service that uses an outstanding proprietary curriculum to help children of any grade level live up to their potential in the classroom. With over a million dollars in development, Above Grade has created a winning program that helps children succeed, parents be happier and franchisees run a successful business. The program works so well, they even guarantee the students’ improvement.

Education is in crisis and it is a major hot topic on the political front. There is great demand for quality education and parents/ guardians are seeking solutions to the concerns of public school overcrowding, shrinking educational budgets, lean teacher pools and changing core curriculum standards. Tutoring is transcending itself to be more supplemental support and the need is high. This is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US, and projected to double in the next few years. Above Grade Level provides a low-investment and low overhead home-based business with incredible sustainability.

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