A Man on His Own

A years ago, Memorial Weekend, we honored my father’s life of 90 years. A war hero who never fired a shot, a man who loved naps, a father of four and a chemical engineer. But most notable was his desire to own his own business. ‘Gar’. Garwood used his early years building equity; kept his expenses under income so he was able to start his own business in mid-life, an electro-plating business. This business was opened 40 years ago and it was not a franchise.

Gar was a scientist, a chemical engineer, so he understood how to produce top quality products. The hard part was ‘running the business’. Knowing what I know now, I can see how a franchise system might have assisted my father in his business.

If Gar would have started a franchise, he would have been trained before opening the business, so he would not have had to struggle creating systems. Bulk Purchasing Power would have saved him with reduce prices on goods purchased. He would have had real-estate experts assisting him in reviewing his lease, which would have found a huge gap in the contract. Although he had great quality controls, he did not understand marketing and could have used a proven marketing system.

Many new business owners, like my father, have a long history of corporate work. They have many skills, and are ready to use them in their own business. Successful individual understand that it saves time and energy to work with experts. If this resembles you or someone like you, contact me to get you started on the right path.

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