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This is 16 Handles! As today’s most innovative frozen yogurt brand, 16 Handles is just as much about fun as we are about flavor. We’re different from other frozen yogurt concepts today. We encourage our fans to “flaunt their flavor” through an endless variety of frozen dessert goodness served in an energetic, fun and eco-friendly environment. But we’ve also sparked a cross-generational revolution that encourages creative expression “outside the cup.” Why Join 16 Handles? 16 Handles was born in New York City’s East Village, surrounded by numerous competitors who forced the brand to think differently about the frozen yogurt experience. Four years later, those competitors have stepped aside as 16 Handles has grown to become one of the highest producers in the system. With nine locations in New York City alone, and new locations popping up all over the east coast, now is the time to Flaunt Your Flavor with 16 Handles. TC Franchise Specialists | 16 Handles FranchiseOur unique and proven concept allows 16 Handles to separate from the competition with a sustainable business model that includes: • Flavor Innovation – Over 60 flavors to choose from as a franchisee. Put the 16 flavors that define your market into your handles to offer guests a different level of satisfaction. • Memorable Branding – Join a brand that transcends frozen dessert with a higher level of branding that our customer relate too and identify with. • Seasonal Offerings – From Peppermint Stick to Pumpkin, 16 Handles provides limited edition seasonal flavors to keep your customer’s wanting more and their taste buds jumping. • Corporate Chef – Our exclusive corporate chef designs proprietary offerings to our toppings bar to further the options our fans have to adorn their frozen yogurt creations. • Frozen Desserts – As an addition to our FroYo deliciousness, 16 Handles features an exclusive line of frozen yogurt cakes, cookie sandwiches and WhipUps™ to extend our products outside of the cup. • Brand Partners – There are currently 29 stores open with another 28 in development, yet the brand only has 18 franchisees. Scalability is key and most partners open a second unit based on success and corporate support. TC Franchise Specialists | 16 Handles FranchiseThe 16 Handles Experience The concept of 16 Handles is all about the customer. Guests pick the size cup they want and fill it with the amount of the flavor(s) of yogurt they want, choosing from 16 rotating flavors ranging from lusciously sweet to refreshingly tart and everything in between. Then it’s on to the endless toppings bar featuring over 50 toppings, including proprietary recipes like Granola Gone Wild, freshly chopped fruit, scrumptious candy and countless sweet sauces. Add in our amazing frozen dessert line of FroYo cakes, Cool Couture cookie sandwiches and WhipUps™ (FroYo and toppings blended together) and you have a one of a kind business model that’s all about choice. Giving Back to the Earth 16 Handles is committed to changing the way you do frozen yogurt. We’re also committed to changing the world we live in by using recyclable spoons, biodegradable cups, and energy efficient options in our stores. In addition, every 16 Handles location helps plant 16 trees every day through our exclusive partnership with Trees for the Future. To date, 16 Handles stores are responsible for planting nearly a half million trees around the world. TC Franchise Specialists | 16 Handles FranchiseTraining & Support Training and support are the paramount reasons for joining a franchise. At 16 Handles, we pledge to work side-by-side with you every step of the way; from site selection to construction, training and marketing to opening day. We allow franchisees to leverage our “know how” and the system that has been perfected many times over.

Additional Features regarding 16 Handles

  • High average unit volume
  • Ease of operations
  • Extensive Training and Support
  • High demand- Frozen Yogurt is part of a booming market
  • Highly scalable concept….most Franchisees are multi-unit owners

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