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Brief Description: Provides one-on-one cognitive skills
training for ages preschool through adult

We train the brain!

LearningRx provides one-on-one cognitive skills training for ages preschool through
adult. The activities are intense and fun for the students. We work with students
who are struggling in school or are wanting to be more competitive by improving
skills like memory, attention, logic and reasoning, processing speed, auditory and
visual processing, reading and math skills.

LearningRx has received numerous awards from Franchise Times, Franchise 50 Business
Review, Entrepreneur Magazine and the IFA. Learning Rx is also ranked in the elite
top 10% of all franchises in the U.S.

When looking for the right franchise, you will want to take in account not only
the initial cost, but also the ongoing royalty and how well the franchise is protected
from the same franchise opening up close by. The start-up fees and royalties can
be misleading. Many franchisors create a start-up range based on 3 months while
others give start-ups that may cover more than 6 months. The royalties in the service
industry are quite similar, but there might be significant differences in the markup
of students, marketing, and supplemental materials that the franchisor collects
outside of the royalty.

LearningRx is on the forefront of a new, rapidly growing industry and is poised
to become the future of educational franchising.

Who Benefits from LearningRx Programs?

Learning Rx can help anyone think faster and more efficiently. What does that mean for our customers? Many kids that we work with actually leave special ed, or lose a learning diagnosis. Our brain training programs actually change the way they think and that means that every aspect of their life changes. Their new skills give LearningRx students a huge boost in confidence as well as doing better academically, athletically, and even socially. Our programs benefit many people.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury: We restore mental abilities
  • Preschoolers: LearningRx can virtually guarantee your preschoolers success
  • Slow Learners: ADD/ADHD, LD & Dyslexia
  • Struggling Students
  • High School Students
  • Professionals
  • Seniors

The Difference Between Brain Training and Tutoring

In a nutshell, Learning Rx treats the causes rather than the symptoms. Tutoring
focuses on re-teaching content while Learning Rx focuses on why someone didn’t learn
the content in the first place.

Learning Rx strengthens all major cognitive learning skills first before providing
research-based reading or math programs. Learning Rx develops all cognitive skill
areas while tutoring soley focuses on stored information.

Four Unique Programs Offered by LearningRx Learning programs can help anyone from age 4 to 104.

ThinkRx Students show that 88% of learning problems have as their primary cause one more weak cognitive skills. ThinkRx uses 35 different procedures to train all major cognitive (learning) skills through intense one-on-one training. These skills include: attention (yes, you can strengthen attention skills), memory, processing speed, auditory & visual processing, and logic and reasoning.

Math Rx MathRx builds on the strong cognitive training of ThinkRx. Specific training exercises quickly enhance a student’s numeric fluency, calculation speed, logic and reasoning, and other high level math-specific skills. Focusing on key skills required for good number sense produces growing success in all levels of mathematics.

ReadRx Many parents are looking for reading help for their child, something that many traditional tutoring centers offer. So how does LearningRx differ? Results! Our reading results are unmatched by any other reading program. The government spent $200 million to find out why people fail to read. Using that research we created a reading program that first corrects the cognitive underlying cause of why they couldn’t read in the first place and then gives them a systematic reading program that makes reading easier. Not only do we get incredible results, but we provide the best value for parents looking for reading help.

LiftOff gives preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students the jumpstart that
only strong underlying learning skills can produce. Training designed specifically
for this age group lays the foundation for learning to read easily, grasping fundamental
learning principles quickly, and maintaining the enthusiasm for school that almost
every student begins with.

Consider owning an Learning Rx Franchise:

  • Make a difference in the community
  • No specific experience required
  • Marketing/Sales skills are helpful
  • Work with people of all ages
  • Proven system
  • Unique services – Minimal competition
  • Great product to clients with guaranteed results
  • Great product to clients with guaranteed results
  • High earning potential

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