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iKor Fanchise Opporunity

Brief Description of the Concept:

IKOR is a unique opportunity in the senior and disabled care industry, allowing motivated franchise owners to provide a variety of badly needed services to seniors and the disabled – advocacy, guardianship, financial management, care planning and coordination

Overview of Concept:TC Franchise Specialists | IKOR USA, Inc Franchise

IKOR is different from other businesses that serve the needs of seniors and the disabled. IKOR does not provide direct care, but acts as an advocate for its clients, creating and overseeing each client’s medical, environmental, psycho-social and financial life plans.
With this approach, IKOR provides a wide range of services: advocacy, guardianship, care planning and coordination, financial management, routine bill payment services and small/minor trust work.

IKOR is a unique business opportunity in the senior and disabled care industry, allowing motivated franchise owners to provide a variety of badly needed services – with the support of an established organization – that make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in their communities.

Our in-house team of highly experienced Registered Nurse Patient Advocates and Personal Needs Coordinators provides our customized services through an assessment process that ends in both short-term and long-term strategic planning. Each client’s strategic plan is based on the unique needs of that individual. The IKOR approach helps families manage both short-term health crises and long-term care issues for seniors and disabled adults and children.


Advocacy in all important life areas:

Whether medical, environmental, psychosocial or educational/work program issues, IKOR takes an integrated approach and provides an initial assessment, recommendations and referrals for care options, coordinated communications among care providers, ongoing quality assurance, and periodic reports and meetings with all parties involved (client, family, caregivers, etc.)

Guardian of person or estate:
From complete guardianship to a simple power of attorney, clients’ best interests are always the primary focus when selecting the right solution for issues that require guardianship or other legal arrangements.

Together, your dedicated team can analyze and monitor all important aspects of the client’s life, such as configuration of the living environment, assuring availability of necessary items, and the coordination of all prior, current and future financial demands. The overall benefits you provide – and that make IKOR different from other service providers – include the fact that information and guidance are provided by a highly skilled, single source within a cost conscious platform, and by a neutral party with whom both client and family.

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