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Interface Financial Group 50/50

TC Franchise Specialists | International Franchise SolutionsIFG 50/50 is a home-based frachise

The Interface Financial Group (IFG) specializes in Invoice Discounting. Interface Financial Group  provides strong support to our franchisees. Our new concept, IFG 50/50, offers all the same great benefits of the Standard IFG franchise but with very significant differences!

In IFG 50/50, the franchisees always transact all their business 50/50 with the franchisor, that means:

1. There’s less working capital required to fund transactions
2. IFG does the bulk of the due diligence and the paperwork for the transactions

  • High return on working capital
  • Home-based
  • Proven Business Model (41 years)
  • Franchisor handles paperwork
  • Franchisor participates financially with Franchisee in all transactions
  • Capital Leverage Program available
  • Start small and grow
  • Ongoing transaction support for the life of the franchise

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