Global Financial Training Program

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In America, thousands of people are going into business everyday and they all need financing. With the Lenders you are approved to do business with, you can complete just about any type of financing your customer may need, as long as the deal makes sense. Let’s look at just a few ways you make money: Transaction based one time fees;   Transaction based one time fees; Ongoing Commissions with clients

The banks are not lending to small businesses and 90% of all loan applications are being turned down.

When someone has completed the Global program, they are approved with over 25 large non-bank lenders (like a GE Capital)  that are lending. All of the current requirements, like 4-5 years in business, a guarantee of a minimum amount of volume each month, credit and background checks, and complete financial disclosure, are waived after completion of the program.

Complete marketing training so the phones will be ringing in the first week or 10 days after leaving the training. Also, we teach about all of the types of financing they can offer, such as working capital, real estate, equipment leasing, business acquisition, or about any type of financing a business owner will need.

We build a custom designed website with custom logo and a complete identity package, business cards, stationary, brochures, etc.

Training is held in New York City for four days complete with luxury hotels included. Airfare is also included to a maximum of $500.00

We also give 1,000 leads to jump-start your career and unlimited customer support after you leave the training.


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