To Introduce a Franchise system new to a country, the franchisor will be looking for Master Franshisors. The master becomes somewhat of a sub-franchisor for the area. The master franchisee will usually want to open and operate at least one unit (pilot location), for income and use as a training center. The Master Franchisee, in addition to opening franchises at a much reduced franchise fee and royalty, can also sell unit franchises, multi-unit franchises and area development franchises and make a nice return on the sale.

Movie Theater                              

 TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise BrokerGlobal Theater Entertainment –  Contracts with major American studios, Disney, MGM, UA etc. 6-18 rooms ranging from  80 to 250 seat in each.                                 Unit  $1,500,000                               TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise Broker



Food – Restaurants

TC Franchise Specialists | CiCi's Pizza FranchiseCiCi’s Pizza is the nation’s largest pizza buffet concept. Our family-friendly restaurants feature a delicious custom pizza buffet that includes pastas, salads, soup and desserts for one great price.  What is a custom pizza buffet?  If a guest doesn’t see their favorite pizza, CiCi’s will make a custom pizza at no additional charge.

Master      FF $500,000     TOTAL   $2,000,000 >>Site<<

TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise Broker

Menchie’s frozen yogurt franchise brand has universal appeal and people all over the world can agree on two things: They like frozen desserts. They like to smile.

Menchie’s has proven it can create both the best desserts and spread smiles throughout communities worldwide. Menchie’s is interested in working with individuals and organizations to make the Menchie’s yogurt franchise experience available to communities around the globe. Menchie’s is expanding all over the world and is currently qualifying candidates worldwide.

Individual $250,000    Master      FF $200,000     TOTAL   $1,000,000  >>Site<<


TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise Broker Brewster’s Chicken   Chicken sandwiches, soda, chips

 Galaxy Sandwiches  cold sandwiches, soda, chipsTC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise Broker

Luciana’s – Brick Oven Pizza

Southeast Burgers – burgers, soda, fries

Tracy A’s Steakhouse  fine dining , steaks, fish

Tranquility ~ Coffee Roaster & Tea House – coffee, tea, wine                                                                     Master      FF $500,000     TOTAL   $3,000,000 >>Site<<

Personal Services

TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise Broker

Snap Fitness -Partner with the global leader in fitness franchises! With Snap Fitness, you’ll provide members with a quality, convenient and high-value fitness solution. Our proven fitness franchise business model makes it easy for you to get started on your path to achieving your dream of starting your own business. Snap Fitness franchise is sure to provide a convenient fitness with our 24-hour a day card-key locking system, your members will appreciate a secure work out environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.                      Master        FF $200,000     TOTAL   $1,000,000   >>Site<<

TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise Broker LaVida Massage -The spark that launched the LaVida Massage franchise came from realizing the new direction that the world is taking. We saw a need for a convenient way for the average person to reduce stress and improve their health and well being through affordable therapeutic care.  Master      FF $200,000     TOTAL   $1,000,000   >>Site<<

 TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise BrokerLapels Dry Cleaning is a Dry Cleaning Experience like no other.    Lapels stores are clean, technologically advanced and offer our customers an efficient and pleasant way to take care of a necessary weekly chore.The hub and spokes model that is now so popular in the retail world was first started by Dry Cleaners with a centralized plant that services a multitude of Satellite Stores.              Master     FF $500,000     TOTAL   $2,000,000   >>Site<<

Molly Maid is one of the world’s most recognized residential cleaning services For 27 years, Molly TC Franchise Specialists | Molly Maid FranchiseMaid has provided its franchise owners with a solid and simple business model, innovative systems, and superior support. The owner is responsible for the executive level management of this highly scalable business.  Employees clean the homes.  Master   FF $100,000     TOTAL   $600,000   >>Site<<


TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise BrokerJon’Ric International is the pioneer of the upscale franchise “Specialty Spa” and to offer co-branding. We hold a strong position in the Beauty and Wellness Industry, with high quality of services and products. Jon’Ric International is only selectively distributing salon & day spa franchises and license agreements after careful due diligence of applicants for national and international development. We only accept individuals or groups with a solid business and financial background to carry the Jon’Ric name. FF $200,000     TOTAL   $1,000,000   >>Site<<

DramaKids is a children’s drama program that has proved so successful that there are over 50,000 TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise Brokerstudents currently attending classes in over 1,500 locations throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe. These programs help children to develop confidence, enthusiasm, speech skills, self esteem, leadership and teamwork, and, of course, acting abilities. Master   FF $100,000     TOTAL   $500,000   >>Site<<

TC Franchise Specialist | Tutor Doctor FranchiseTutor Doctor offers tutoring programs for children from kindergarten to college level and incorporates an understanding of all learning types.  Tutoring is done at home or through our E-Learning System. Master   FF $100,000     TOTAL   $500,000   >>Site<<

Business Services

TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise OpportunitiesColor Glo® International is able to repair and clean a variety of problems with leather, vinyl, velour and most fabrics.We are a specialist business that services the following sectors:Automotive, Residential, Commercial, Marine, Aircraft. We repair, restore and re-dye:Leather, Vinyl, Fabric / Velour, Plastic, Carpet. Individual FF  $50,00   >>Site<<


TC Franchise Specialists | WSI Franchise

WSI has been on the leading edge of making businesses more profitable and seeing their franchisees achieve their personal and financial goals by offering effective Internet Business Solutions and Digital Marketing Systems.

Individual FF  $50,00   >>Site<<

TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise Broker  JAN-PRO International operates its business in the commercial cleaning franchising industry and licenses its master franchise owners and unit franchisees under the trademark “JAN-PRO.” It  is structured around the Master Franchise Concept. This concept takes advantage of a decentralized structure where each Master Franchise Owner acts as the Regional Franchisor in their exclusive market.       Master   FF $100,000     TOTAL   $600,000   >>Site<<

TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise BrokerCactus Car Wash System is a proven system for locating, designing, equipping, and operating a flex-serve car wash for the highest levels of customer comfort, quality, volume and profit. us awards, and more than ONE MILLION CUSTOMERS served since 1996, Cactus Car Wash has demonstrated the value of the Cactus System. Our system makes Cactus Car Wash an oasis in the car wash industry. We use advanced tunnels, specific procedures, and efficient layouts to serve the highest customer volume while achieving the highest quality standards. Besides a Full Service option, there is an exterior only express option and detail services for the customer.    Master     FF $500,000     TOTAL   $10,000,000   >>Site<<


TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise BrokerJunk King™ – is a leader in the junk removal business. Extensive training, recycling, call center.       Master    FF  $100,000     TOTAL   $600,000   >>Site<<