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TC Franchise Specialists | Franchise Advising Service | Franchise Broker     We believe ANYONE can be a SUCCESSFUL business owner if they discover the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY!

TC Franchise Specialists provide franchise brokering and business advising services. We provide consulting services to individuals looking to become their own boss and fulfilling their dream of business ownership. As franchise consultants we match lifestyles and personal financial goals with the right business opportunity. We represent franchisors in properly pre-qualifying potential candidates as franchisees. As Business advisers, we assist potential franchise owners in the investigative process of franchise ownership.

“Respect is earned.

Honesty is appreciated.

Trust is gained.

Loyalty is returned.”

Buying a new business can be one of the most profound changes in your life. You need a trusted adviser who is committed to your interest.  A TC Franchise Specialist will make sure your money is protected, your skills are valued and your expected life style is achieved.

After gathering information about your business goals, preferences and skills, we will research, identify and match appropriate franchises and business opportunities based on this information and present these opportunities to you. The next step is to will narrow down the opportunities to those that will fit your personal and financial goals.

Once you have chosen the franchises or business opportunities that you wish to further investigate, we will contact the companies and have them forward the appropriate information and disclosure documents. We will also place you in direct contact with the appropriate company representative. We will help you with questions to ask the franchisor, and will be available to you throughout your investigation. Ultimately, it is your job to conduct a complete and thorough investigation. Be assured, however, that we will be with you all the way – before, during and after a decision has been made.

The bottom line: We help you avoid….

  • Spending a tremendous amount of time and effort trying to find the perfect franchise, and then never finding it.
  • Settling for the wrong franchise, when one of their competitors might have been a better investment.
  • Purchasing a franchise that does not offer adequate training or support.


Expertise:  Only a small percentage of Franchise Brokers are Certified. Certification indicates dedication, validity and expertise; the perfect resource for you, a feature business owner. Business ownership is an avenue for wealth and growth, yet the research process can be overwhelming. At TC Franchise Specialists, you will have the advantage of a systematic research and discovery process, saving you time and money, but more importantly allowing you in making better decisions.  Although my services (listed below) are worth a few thousand dollars, there is no cost to you; as the franchisors pays for my service as a way of pre-validation for them.

Through my Franchise Broker Association, you are provided following assistance:

Guidance throughout the Discovery process

Funding guidance

One hour FREE legal Consultation

One hour FREE Financial Service Consultation

Insurance guidance

The benefits of using a Franchise Adviser in your search:

  • Personal and confidential advising service.
  • Assessments to determine if franchise and business ownership is right for you.
  • Streamline guidance through the complex process of business ownership. Start to finish.
  • Tailored presentations to opportunities most applicable to you.
  • Territory verification to assure availability in the area you wish to start your business.
  • Introduction and support in ongoing communication with the franchisor.
  • Assistance in finding appropriate financing.
  • Assistance in introducing key legal documents commonly used by franchisors.
  • Guidance through ‘discovery’ – gaining insight about a particular franchise.
  • No Cost to you – Professional assistance through a systematic process to find the right franchisee for your skill set, values and financial needs.


Our business relationships…..

The Franchise Broker AssociationFBA_Logo_Email

TC Franchise Specialists is a licensed affiliate of the The Franchise Broker Association, the leading network of Franchise Specialist in the U.S. TC Franchise Specialists draws on over 25 years of franchise experience provided by the Franchise Broker Association. Franchises are continually reviewed and made available to the affiliates.

The FBA is a resource and training center that has partnered with top franchise attorneys, business coaches, mentors and various other industry professionals to produce an Association that will forever change the landscape of the franchise broker industry. Please feel free to verify my status as an approved member of the Franchise Brokers Association Member ID number is T40-478400.   http://www.FranchiseBA.com/verify/?MemberID=T40-478400

FranServeTC Franchise | Franserve

FranServe has professional licensed affiliates in the United States and Canada. These affiliates are continually bringing new franchise opportunities to the awareness of FranServe. This is a great benefit to you, the client, because it aids TC Franchise Specialists in identifying the best franchise opportunity for you.