Interview – Important Questions about Becoming a Franchise Owner

To assist you in the most appropriate manner, be thoughtful in answering all of these questions. If you are married, please discuss them with your spouse as well.

This first step is an interview to determine where your are in your journey toward business ownership. As you intend on being a business owner, it is important to be thorough and answer as best as you can. ALL fields are REQUIRED .

* Full Name - First, Last

* Phone number

* Email

*Location for your franchise business

What is going on in your life that makes you want to become a franchise owner?*

Why don't you just keep on doing what you have been doing?*

*What is your compelling reason for business ownership? (20 words or less)

*How serious are you about owning a business? 1- low; 10 high

What are your business goals?

What do you expect a business to do for you?

*What is your management ability? 1- low; 10 high

*What is your sales ability? 1- low; 10 high

*What characteristics of a business are important to you? (example -home based, food, income, making the world better, etc.)

*How much liquid capital are you willing to invest in a business?

*How much of the investment are you willing to finance? (Do you need assistance to figure this out?)

*How serious are you about business ownership, as measured by how many hours a week you will commit to due diligence?

*When do you want your business to open?

What else do you need to tell us about your business aspirations?

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